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Family Favorite Sites

Common Search Engines

Human-edited Directory Popularity
Open Directory AltaVista Yahoo! All the Web Google

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Everyone's favorites

stuff you can find
  1. Hotmail - Email
  2. Topo maps
  3. MapQuest
  5. ZDnet shareware
  6. Bible Gateway
  7. Internet Public Library
  8. Free Online Books
  9. Bookstore
  10. Out of Print Books
  11. BMG Music Service
  12. Astronomy Picture of the day

News & Info.

your gov't. at work

Old Glory

Mom's favorites

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Public Broadcast sites


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Dad's favorites

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  1. Yahoo! Login
  2. American Century Investments
  3. Federated Mutual fund
  4. Prudential Mutual Funds
  5. ICMA Retirement Funds
  6. U.S. Bank
  7. New Era Bank

E.S.O.P. Sites

  1. Ohio Employee Ownership Center
  2. Nat'l. Center for Employee Ownership

News & Info. just for fun

Technology Connections

Musical Interests

  1. Mozart minuet maker
  2. Praise Net

Personal Interests

Work Connections

Audra's favorites

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Allison's favorites

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Jerid's favorites

Jenna's favorites

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