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My motto:Eschew obfuscation, instantiate.

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Tap into my favorite passage of scripture to learn how much God cares for us. This link will show you the verse in the New International Version, but will also allow you to view the verse in other translations. You can search other passages of the Bible below.

Matt. 25:44

Kiva arranges for loans to entrepreneurs in developing nations where access to capital is severely limited. I have lent to the business operator shown below, Mercedes Bernabe, who lives in La Paz, Bolivia. Mercedes lives under the anticrético modality (Anticretico is a transaction not available in the U.S. whereby a property owner requests a "loan" from you in exchange for housing, which must be paid back to you at the end of your contract. If your loan is not repaid, the property owner loses the property to you)

m. bernabe

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