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Warnings and Colloquialisms

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Middle-aged men should be alert to these warning signs

| By: Norm

You might be "a heck of a nice guy" if:

  1. Your boss continually refers to your unrewarded increases in work load as "challenges" or "opportunities"
  2. You overhear young women who pass you whisper to one another "I can put up with nearly anything in a man as long as he isn't boring"
  3. Your name appears at the top of every local organizational list of "possible volunteers"
  4. The last time you cursed about something, someone marked it on a calendar and has kept that page of the calendar for years
  5. Your wife never thought of a potentially embarrassing pet name for you, but your children did.
  6. Each time you bring up a good idea you become head of another committee
  7. The waitress always comes to you with the check at the end of the group dinner
  8. Every time you confront someone with a serious concern you wind up hearing the words "a win-win situation" even though you know you haven't won anything
  9. Little kids tend to sneak up behind you and tickle you for no apparent reason
  10. Your veterinarian warns you that when your cat acts finicky, it may be trying to take advantage of you by expressing dominating behaviors

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