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V.I.P. List

If you have not heard of any of the people listed below, do not feel badly, with the exception of the first person, they never heard of you either. The lesser-known names have links to internet biographies. For information on the others, please review any decent high-school history textbook or visit the biography shelf of your local library. The link below shows the art of my favorite painter.

Van Gogh »

Higher standards available here:

| By: Norm

A list of the most influential people to have graced the consciousness of this guy's short existence.

  1.  Yeshua of Nazereth (r): Messiah
  2.  Paul of Tarsus (a): missionary
  3.  John, son of Zebedee (d): prophet
  4.  Albert Einstein (d): scientist
  5.  Marva Collins: teacher
  6.  W. Edwards Deming: business leader
  7.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (a): leader
  8.  Stetson Kennedy: leader
  9.  Ludwig Von Beethoven (d): composer
  10.  Alexis DeTocqueville (d): historian
  11.  Marian Anderson (d): soprano
  12.  Maria Montessori (d): teacher
  13.  Jerry Litton (d): politician
  14.  Rudolph Flesch: teacher
  15.  Jim Hightower: politician
  16.  Leo Tolstoy (d): author
  17.  Theodore Roosevelt (d): politician
  18.  Harry S. Truman (d): politician
  19.  Susan B. Anthony (d): leader
  20.  William Wilberforce (d): politician
  21.  John Barry Meecham (d): leader